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Community, Platform and Unique Solutions
Watch it closely in the making… 

Human-Machine Collaboration Programme: A management entity.

Collaboration between Academia and Industry

'A lot of the problems that the world is facing today can only be solved through advanced technological and scientific techniques.- Prof Mike Wooldridge, University of Oxford

Value Creation

Expert management of exploratory efforts with a major, multidisciplinary institution and tech giant.

Tech-transfer and licensing activities between world-class university divisions and AWS; of systems, platforms, technologies.

Direct investment and interactivity: Useful operational models within extant frameworks of known industry and markets; novel product and services within known platforms; novel operational models wrought from our programmes; Including actual clients; clients from association with the programme elements; clients from extension of the programmes themselves.

Synthesised, innovative solutions articulated in ideation potential arising from continuous, vertical and transversal dialogues between domain experts inside and outside.

Augmented public relations, brand association, talent clustering and retention, with affiliate talent clustering effect.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary network benefits: political, industrial, academic.

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